A as in amazing.

This is what efficient processes look like

Nature has always known efficient processes. ALUPROF develops innovative aluminum profiles for single part manufacturing and prototyping as well as serial production.

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Roof systems by ALUPROF quality meets precision

By using aluminum for the roof construction, automotive manufacturers achieve vast weight reduction, save energy and reduce emissions.

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Here you see a sub-assembly

Nature has always known sub-assemblies. ALUPROF develops innovative aluminum profiles for serial production and putting together whole sub-assemblies.

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Structural parts made from aluminum, competence meets material

Side sills, front struts, roof frames and fitting unit components all play an important role in an automobile and increase the safety for you and your passengers.

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This is what technological leaders look like.

Inspired by nature regarding technology leadership. ALUPROF develops innovative aluminum profiles single manufacturing of prototypes and serial production amongst many others.

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Highest quality aluminum profiles

ALUPROF delivers extraordinary solutions in the field of aluminum profiles ALUPROF develops innovative aluminum profiles for single part manufacturing and prototyping as well as serial manufacturing and putting together whole sub-assemblies.

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This is our newest innovation

Innovations have their source in nature. ALUPROF develops innovative aluminum profiles for single part manufacturing and prototyping as well as serial manufacturing and putting together whole sub-assemblies.

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A as in amazing

ALUPROF delivers amazing solutions in the field of aluminum profiles. ALUPROF develops innovative aluminum profiles for single part manufacturing and prototyping as well as serial manufacturing and putting together whole sub-assemblies.

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Reliable aluminum profile systems. ALUPROF – for the automotive industry. ALUPROF is already in its second generation of developing aluminum profiles. The family-run company convinces with its expertise in aluminum profiles prototyping, serial production and putting together whole sub-assemblies.

Weight reduction in automobiles remains a vital future task. Our aluminum products allow to also efficiently pursue this target with hybrid and electric vehicles.


ALUPROF also implements special solutions for many different market sectors. For example the design of a functional housekeeping trolley for upscale hotel business. ALUPROF realized all process steps from planning, through process development and manufacturing, up to technology and customized logistics.

The single project phases comply to the highest quality standards, which are implemented by ALUPROF in all sectors, following a zero-defect-strategy.


The international orientation of ALUPROF includes a global network of customers, processes and suppliers.

Our innovative technologies allow our customers gain market advantages and strategic effects, resulting in a global market oriented product quality. Thanks to internationalization ALUPROF is able to serve customers around the globe.

We serve customers and supply products to target markets in Asia, the Americas and Europe.


Aluminum profiles for the automotive industry. Find out more about roof systems, structural parts, visible parts and special solutions.

Extraordinary aluminum profiles by ALUPROF

ALUPROF, your partner when it comes aluminium – the material that creates mobility.

ALUPROF know the material that creates mobility across the globe: aluminum. We are specialists regarding aluminum profiles and surface enhancement for the automotive, industrial and craft sector.

Whether it is individual manufacturing of prototypes, serial production or putting together whole sub-assemblies, ALUPROF offers a wide range of possibilities, including machining of plastic profiles and bending of steel tubing. Through many years of experience we have redefined the term “Aluminum Engineering”. With our innovative technologies and efficient processes, as well as our exceptional quality and performance-focused pricing, we obtain a high level of customer satisfaction, worldwide.

Besides the proven aluminum profiles ALUPROF consistently invests in development and implementation of innovative roof system profiles for the automotive industry, as well as further initial developments for the industry and craft sectors. Our aluminum engineering “made in Germany” sets the standard in functionality and quality. Our philosophy is: A as in aluminum and A as in absolute quality!

Our flexibility in prototyping and single part manufacturing, putting together whole sub-assemblies or the focus on serial production, supports the international orientation of our clients, especially in the target markets in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Aluminum profiles by professionals.

We will gladly support you in your development and manufacturing of aluminum profiles for the automotive, industrial, craft, trading and medical sectors.

Arrange a personal meeting under the following telephone no. +49 6055 9143-0.


Things to know about ALUPROF and our light weight metal aluminum at a glance.


is the year ALUPROF was founded.

80 %

of ALUPROF aluminum profiles are for the global market.


process steps are necessary in process automation at ALUPROF from development to manufacturing.

28 %

of aluminum consumption is demanded by the automotive industry.

Panoramic roof systems
Aluminum profiles for panoramic roofs combined with glass are the base for technological innovations in the automotive field. Using high-grade material and precise processing, long-lasting and light-weight profiles are manufactured.

Solar roofs
This ecological innovation allows the automotive industry not only to offer a modern design but also participate in protecting the environment. Combined with aluminum profiles by ALUPROF the solar roofs are important products for the future that let you rely on our core competencies.


parts are the average quantity produced by ALUPROF per year.


gram of aluminum are used in average to manufacture our products.

100 %

of the aluminum can be recycled multiple times!


ALUPROF – we are there for you!

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